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Ratify Peace DAO Guiding Principles and Terms of Service

Author: filipv
Date: 2022-08-12


Ratify the Peace DAO Guiding Principles and the Peace DAO Terms of Service.


Peace DAO was founded during an emergency, and has not yet ratified clear legal documents. These documents will provide greater legal and operational clarity to the DAO, mitigating existential risks to the DAO.

These documents will also clarify the roles and expectations of Members and contributors to the DAO, improving the DAO's clarity and transparency.


Ratify and adopt the Peace DAO Guiding Principles and the Peace DAO Terms of Service (IPFS Mirror).

Update Peace DAO's Discord server and other relevant resources to reflect these changes.


Ratifying the Guiding Principles will establish an Unincorporated Nonprofit Association, which will:

  • Limit contributor liability.
  • Allow the DAO to create bank accounts, hold property, and enter agreements.
  • Clarify Membership and the DAO's internal processes.
  • Improve Peace DAO's Legal Compliance.
  • Clarify the ways Peace DAO can use intellectual property.

The Terms of Service will clarify:

  • The ways in which individuals can interact with Peace DAO's online resources.
  • Peace DAO's privacy policy.
  • Peace DAO's governing laws and arbitration rules.
  • Risks associated with Peace DAO's online resources.


  • By forming an Unincorporated Nonprofit Association, Peace DAO may incur taxes.
  • These documents may not adequately address Peace DAO's legal concerns.
  • These documents are long and may be difficult to read.


These documents should be implemented once this proposal is ratified, only to be removed when superseded or amended by another proposal.