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Ratify Peace DAO Governance and Multisig Processes

Author: filipv
Date: 2022-08-12


Ratify and adopt the Peace DAO Governance Process and the Peace DAO Multisig Process.


Currently, Peace DAO does not utilize its Peace Token or its Peace DAO Movement NFT for voting.

Establishing a clear governance process will provide utility to the Token and the NFT, and will more accurately represent the will of donors and contributors.


Ratify and adopt the Peace DAO Governance Process and the Peace DAO Multisig Process (IPFS Mirror).

Update Peace DAO's Snapshot, Discord server, and other relevant resources to reflect these changes.


The Governance Process:

  • is simple, reducing ambiguity, loopholes, and confusion. This encourages participation.
  • takes place in public. It is transparent and promotes accountability.
  • leaves complexity to individual proposals, allowing the DAO to be adaptable. The process can be amended to meet the DAO's needs over time.

The Multisig Process:

  • is also simple and easy to understand, leading to similar benefits.
  • has safety mechanisms in place (the dao-lawfirm.eth removal) but does not overly centralize execution. New Members must be added through standard governance processes.


  • These processes rely on sound distribution of tokens and NFTs, as well as sound Multisig Membership.
  • Poor decision making, malicious behaviour, or bias from the Multisig could prove disastrous. Multisig Membership should expand over time.
  • This government process is more rigid than the DAO's current processes. Although this will improve transparancy, it may make the DAO less flexible in urgent situations.
  • The process has high thresholds, meaning only well-liked proposals will pass.
  • The process inherits risks of democracy.


These processes should be implemented once this proposal passes a 4-day basic single-choice Snapshot vote, only to be removed when superseded or amended by another proposal.