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Join Us

This guide will teach you how join Peace DAO.


Start by joining the Movement DAO Discord server, which hosts Peace DAO's communication channels. If you do not have a Discord account, you can create one for free at

Once you have joined, click Complete:

Read over the server rules, agree, and click Submit. Then click Join the Community in the #🌱|welcome channel:

Navigate to the #🔑│next-step channel, and select Peace DAO:

This will grant you access to Peace DAO's communications channels. You can participate in discussions, receive important announcements, and follow along in the DAO's governance process.


Peace DAO is governed by its community. To vote, visit the #📩│voting channel and read over recent messages. If there is an ongoing vote, you can vote by selecting options beneath the voting message:

Creating Proposals

To begin, read recent messages in the #✍│proposals channel. If you have a proposal idea, share it in that channel—either as a formal proposal or as an informal message. DAO members will help you to refine your proposal and prepare it for voting.