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This guide will teach you how to set up a wallet, get Ethereum, and donate to Peace DAO.

What is an Ethereum wallet?

Ethereum is decentralized cryptocurrency which facilitates peer-to-peer transactions. Along with storing and transferring value, the Ethereum network can store and run computer programs called smart contracts. Smart contracts have many applications—they can perform computations, hold funds in escrow, create new currencies, store data, mint NFTs, send communications, and even generate graphics.

Ethereum wallets are applications which let you interact with the Ethereum network. Think of it like an internet banking account—without the bank. Your wallet lets you read your balance, send transactions, and connect to Ethereum applications.

Setting Up Your Wallet

Visit Metamask's download page and install it to your device. Once installed, Metamask will greet you with a welcome screen:

Select Get Started, and then select Create a Wallet. Metamask will guide you through the wallet creation process.

Getting ETH

Open your Metamask wallet and select Buy.

A prompt will ask which provider you would like to use:

Coinbase Pay1% fees on all transactions.
Transak5% fees and a network fee.
Moonpay4.5% for card payments and 1% for bank transfers. Both options invoke a network fee.
WyreThe greater between $5 or 2.9% + 30c.

Make sure to buy some extra ETH for paying fees! Depending on your jurisdiction, you may be asked to present identifying documents when purchasing ETH.

Donating to Peace DAO

Once you have ETH in your wallet, visit Peace DAO's Juicebox treasury. Click Connect in the upper right-hand corner, and select Metamask when prompted. Log in to your Metamask wallet, click Next, and then click Connect. Once connected, your wallet should appear in the upper right-hand corner like so:

All donations are paid in ETH, but you can denominate your donation in USD by clicking the light blue ETH toggle. Enter the amount of ETH or USD you would like to contribute, and click the Peace button to the right.

A series of pop-ups will guide you through relevant risks and disclosures. Please read these warnings carefully—if you have questions, ask for help in our Discord server. During this stage, you can add a public memo to be displayed alongside your contribution.

Confirm that you have read the warnings by clicking Pay. At this point, a Metamask pop-up will ask you to confirm the transaction. Scroll down, double check the amount, and click Confirm.

Thank you for your donation. Tokens will be issued to your wallet automatically. To learn how you can use tokens and participate in the DAO, read part two of this guide.

Note: All Ethereum transactions invoke "gas fees" which pay to maintain the Ethereum network. Metamask will automatically calculate your gas fee—exercise caution when editing this number, as it may cause your transaction to fail.

Video Guide

A video version of this article: