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Peace DAO is governed by its community, as expressed through Peace Token and Peace DAO Movement NFT voting.

Step 0 - Discussion

Authors can submit proposals at any time by creating a discussion thread in the #✍️|proposals channel of the Peace DAO Discord.


You can use the proposal template as a starting point. When writing your proposal, try to be as detailed as possible in your specification. Only include what is necessary—short, specific proposals are best.

Step 1 - Temperature Check

Once a proposal is finalized, the author can create a 3 day temperature check (react-vote Discord poll). During the temperature check, authors can update or redact their proposals based on the DAO's feedback.

Step 2 - Snapshot Voting

A 4 day Snapshot vote will be created for proposals which receive at least 6 affirmative temperature check votes. Each Snapshot proposal must include the full proposal text or a link to an immutable version of the full proposal text. Proposals must be announced in the DAO's Discord before voting opens.

Peace DAO's Snapshot Space will grant 1 vote per Peace Token and 200,000 votes per Peace DAO Movement NFT.

Step 3 - Execution

The DAO's Multisig executes proposals with at least 60% approval on Snapshot.