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The Peace Movement DAO

The Peace Movement DAO's purpose is to fund life-saving assistance and support for Ukranian refugees and displaced people. The DAO is providing immediate support for Ukranians facing humanitarian crises, and will continue to provide support as they rebuild their lives.

Peace DAO is democratically governed by its community, radically reducing overhead and maximizing impact.


How does Peace DAO work?

Peace DAO is using DAO technology to radically maximize impact per dollar.

Charitable organizations can be notoriously inefficient—in many cases, less than 10% of donation revenue goes towards a charity's stated purpose. When funds do get utilized, the spending is often opaque and out of touch, disconnected from genuine needs.

Instead of going towards impact, donations end up in the hands of administrators, advertisers, landlords, and lawyers. Not only does this reduce impact—it leaves donors feeling disillusioned and powerless to affect change.

In contrast, Peace DAO is:

  • Transparent. Coordination takes place in our public Discord server. Anybody can join, read along, and contribute to our mission.
  • Efficient. Peace DAO is run by volunteers, and deploys funds directly to those in need. Peace DAO doesn't spend on advertising, administration, or anything else that would take away from our impact.
  • In touch. Peace DAO is directly accessible to those who need funds most, meaning resources can be allocated exactly where they are needed.
  • Agile. Peace DAO is a small group, meaning funds can be deployed rapidly. Instead of having to go through layers of bureaucracy and management, proposals go straight to DAO voting.
  • Accountable. Peace DAO is beholden to the will of its community and its token holders, expressed through democratic voting.

How can I help?

Join the discussion in our Discord server! To donate and participate in our governance process, read our first steps guide.

What is a DAO?

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a community which uses cryptocurrency and other decentralized technologies to organize in novel ways. DAOs are usually:

  • Decentralized, meaning there is no central authority controlling the organization. DAOs are owned by their communities, who guide the DAO through democratic voting processes.
  • Autonomous, meaning that core functions are handled automatically and transparently. DAOs use smart contracts and other decentralized technology to manage funds, control membership, and self-govern.
  • Accessible—anybody can join a DAO and begin participating in meaningful ways. DAOs empower passionate contributors by transcending national and regional boundaries.
  • Fully transparent. By design, DAOs have to build, operate, and communicate in the open.
  • Censorship resilient due to their decentralized nature.

DAOs have raised millions of dollars, created thousands of jobs, and built products, infrastructure, and public goods used by millions.