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How to Contribute

The DAO strives towards an open contribution model. Contributors do not need to present a resumé, an application, or any identifying information to begin contributing. DAO asks that contributors consider the following process for becoming a paid contributor.

Getting Started

New contributors are advised to introduce themselves in the Discord server and to familiarize themselves with areas they would like to contribute to. New contributors should also reach out to active contributors on Discord to figure out where the DAO needs help, or to propose new objectives. While not required, new contributors may provide a traditional resumé or link to a portfolio, such as their GitHub profile.

Trial Payouts

Contributors who have completed some work1 and familiarized themselves with the DAO's ongoing efforts are encouraged to propose a one-time trial payout. These proposals should detail work which has already been completed and plans for upcoming contributions to the DAO. Read the Governance Process to learn more.

Recurring Payouts

Contributors who have completed one or more trial payouts2 are advised to propose an ongoing role and payout for themselves if desired. This proposal should detail payout mechanics, responsibilities, task-based objectives, and long-term goals. Sunset clauses are required. An current contributor must endorse the proposal—a signature of the proposal is sufficient.

Next Steps

  1. Read recent Discord messages and governance proposals to familiarize yourself with high level ongoing projects.
  2. Reach out to active contributors in channels related to areas you would like to contribute to. Ask what you can help with or propose new objectives for the DAO.
  3. Participate in the DAO for 1-2 weeks before proposing a payout.

  1. Any work completed by a contributor prior to receiving a payout is considered "intern" or "volunteer" work. This work is done to evaluate work ethic, work product, and work quality. This work takes place in lieu of an interview or resumé evaluation. This period takes as long as necessary to evaluate the work commensurate with the position sought.
  2. Prospective trial contributors' proposals must be endorsed by a current contributor to be ratified. All contributors (including trial contributors) are expected to execute consulting documents such as independent contractor agreement, innovation agreement, and any other documents which maybe necessary for work product assignment or compensation.